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Fort Peck Catalog

Fort Peck Catalog

Fort Peck Community College

The Catalog 2021-2023

“For People Choosing Change”

fort peck

Fort Peck Community College”

Song Created by Robert Fourstar (2006)


Fort Peck Community College that’s who we are

Grandfather that who is sacred likes this

The buffalo chasers look back at us and are smiling as they go.


Fort Peck Community College zhe ungeyabi no

Mitugashi dagu skan skan iyogipiye no

Watapebi hagik dabi ixachiya yabino.

Fort Peck Community College

P. O. Box 398

605 Indian Avenue

Poplar, MT 59255

Administration-Greet the Dawn 768-6300
Fax 768-6301
Auto Shop 768-5476
Business Office - GTD Building 768-6315
Financial Aid - WEV Building 768-6372
Institutional Development - 301 Blvd 768-5555
Library - JES Building 768-6340
Registrar - WEV Building 768-6351
Student Services - WEV Building 768-6370
TitokaTibi (Gift Shop) 768-3213
Wellness Center (Poplar) 768-5630
Wellness Center (WP) 653-3770
Wolf Point Center - Dumont Building 653-3900
Fax 653-3901



Haŋ Mitakuyapi - Hello my Relatives,

On behalf of our college, I am pleased to welcome you to Fort Peck Community College where Unspe’, To Learn, rings true within our learning community. As a two-year institution in the Tribal College and University system, Fort Peck Community College prides itself in how we prepare our students to be lifelong learners and contributors through our community need based program offerings. Fort Peck Community College is known for producing quality graduates who have gone on to private industry, Tribal, State, and federal politics, education, health, and so forth.

In the spirit of Unspe’, To Learn, we are very proud of the quality learning and grooming that takes place within our students under the direction of our committed, dedicated, and passionate faculty and staff. During this critical time of the Covid-19 pandemic, FPCC has worked diligently to ensure that FPCC students continue to have access to an excellent education while maintaining a personal connection with students to ensure their educational and personal needs are met.

I invite you to join us in pursuing your intellectual, civic, and personal endeavors through Fort Peck Community College. It is at Fort Peck Community College where you can join a rich learning community in which you can grow and learn the values and skills necessary in creating and leaving a legacy that our communities can truly appreciate.


Haven Gourneau

Blowing Prayer Cloth Woman


Fort Peck Community College