Fort Peck Catalog

Fort Peck Catalog

Fort Peck Community College

The Catalog 2023-2025

“For People Choosing Change”

fort peck

Fort Peck Community College”

Song Created by Robert Fourstar (2006)


Fort Peck Community College that’s who we are

Grandfather that who is sacred likes this

The buffalo chasers look back at us and are smiling as they go.


Fort Peck Community College zhe ungeyabi no

Mitugashi dagu skan skan iyogipiye no

Watapebi hagik dabi ixachiya yabino.

Fort Peck Community College

P. O. Box 398

605 Indian Avenue

Poplar, MT 59255


 Greet the Dawn - Administration (GD)


Library - JES Building
 GD Fax 768-6301 Registrar - WEV   738-6351
 Auto Shop 768-5476 Student Services - WEV 
 Business Office - GTD Building 768-6315 TitokaTibi (Gift Shop)
 Financial Aid - WEV Building 768-6372 Wellness Center (WP)  653-3902
 Institutional Development - 301 Blvd 768-5555 Dumont Building (WP)  653-3900